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Edits & Megamixes

A megamix is a medley remix containing multiple songs in rapid succession. There may be only one verse or even just a brief chorus of each song used, sometimes in addition to samples of the same or other songs.

The DJ Producer Presents – 25 Years of Raw & Raunchy Beats for DJ’s

(Soundcloud link above for those who wish to stream this megamix)


This is one of the hottest edits to come around in a very long time. Something of which Albert Cabrera & Tony Moran of The Latin Rascals would undoubtedly give their blessing to. Other masters of the edit and megamixers that spring to mind are: Chep Nuñez, Carlos “After Dark” BerriosOmar Santana, Ben Liebrand, Cameron PaulThe Blade Runners, Double Dee & Steinski, Coldcut, Anthony “DJ Antron” Mabin, Norty Cotto, Todd Brown, Charlie Dee Diaz, Julian “Jumpin” Perez, Bad Boy Bill, Simon Harris, The Saxon Scoundrels, DJ Dren, Freddy Fresh, DJ Laz, Felix Sama, Albie Nieves, The Unity Mixers, TCM, Koen Groeneveld. The list could go on and on but I just felt like hitting the tip of the iceberg with those who’ve dealt with a pastiche of mainly 80’s electro, hip hop, freestyle that lead them into techno rave (which is now considered oldschool). 

I’ve personally been an avid lover of all things chopped an edited beyond recognition since I was thirteen years old that would give the normal listener a headache after and hour of solid beat programming. Having grown up in the running capitol of the world where the Oregon Ducks call home, I was never privy to radio mix shows like that from NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles or Miami. So I wound up bumping into random people courtesy of the breakdance movement which sent me all over my city (boombox in tow) playing random tapes that I had either dubbed from friends or been lucky enough to record directly from vinyl (which is what really pushed me into deejaying). I was fortunate to catch the ears of a college kid thanks to him seeing my friends and I breakin’ at the University of Oregon’s Erb Memorial Union where he invited us back to his residence to show us his record collection that he had brought with him from the East Coast. He played us a few different records on Tommy Boy that turned my world upside down and literally blew my mind. Needless to say I wanted them all so he told me to just leave a blank tape and that he would be kind enough to record them for me (teaching piracy to minors is quality material). Anyhow my ears were so open now for just about anything that the next time I came in audible contact with an 808 kick drum I just stopped like a deer in headlights and gravitated directly toward the origin of that sound.

Thanks to learning breakdancing at our local community recreation center and for my mother pushing me to get out of the house and explore life a bit more. I found myself becoming the social butterfly hanging with people who were anywhere from five to eight years my senior. Guess you could say why I’ve always been apprehensive about meeting people since I enjoy being around those who can submerse me in musical knowledge from there years of experience. Thankfully I wound up meeting a couple deejays in there early twenties at a breakdance competition who assisted me in my trainspotting that would take me on my pathway to ordering records directly from distributors sales sheets at 14 years of age and began my compulsion to collect entire discographies of numerous labels that spanned the course of the eighties.

Featured throughout this cut n’ paste journey which is the length of one-half a 90 minute cassette tape you will hear the vocal sample of Frankie Bones (culled from a RBMA lecture) laying down the law about all things rave and record sampling culture. Now here’s the tracklist which you are likely dying to see thanks to The DJ Producer


00:00 “Now Let’s” Vocal from Bonesbreaks Vol. 3 “Miami Bass”
Bonesbreaks Vol. 2 – “At My House”
00:45 Bonesbreaks Vol 2 – “Funky Acid Makosa”
Looney Tunes Vol. 1 – “They Stole Our Break Boyee”
01:30 Frankie Bones – Funky Acid Makosa (Adam X Remix)
Pink Noise – I Gotta Big Dick
01:45 Frankie Bones – Funky Acid Makosa (Adam X Remix)
Fourplay – Make Em Rock (Our Way)
03:03 Gangsters of Freestyle – Get the Hoe (Dino B 89 Mix)
03:33 Gangsters of Freestyle – Get the Hoe (Bones Bass Mix)
Heavily Edited With the Dino B 89 Mix
04:50 Get the Hoe Dino B 89 With Edits from the Break Boys
“Listen To The Rhythm Flow (Rhythm Flow Club Mix)
05:16 Frankie Bones Vocal Sample from RBMA
05:20 Bassline from Pink Noise “Gimme Some More (Energy) (Chase the Beat)
Drum Loop from Concept of One Feat. Noel
“The Question” (Rascal Beats)
Riff from Yazoo “Don’t Go”
More Frankie Quotes from RBMA
06:10 All the Above With Full Edited Accapella of Yazoo’s “Don’t Go”
07:10 Introduces 4/4 Beat from Pink Noise “Give Me the Energy (Hyper Club Mix)
07:41 Introduces Bassline from Frankie Bones “Call it Techno (Technopella)
08:12 Changes Bassline to That of “Call it Techno (Brooklyn New Beat Remix)
08:45 Drums from Pink Noise “Give Me Energy (Energetic Club Mix)
Bassline & Drums Call it Techno (Brooklyn New Beat Remix)
Vocoded Accapella of Frankie Bones “Call it Techno (technopella)
09:30 Bassline from Call it Techno (Brooklyn New Beat)
More Vocal Sample from Frankie Bones RBMA
10.01 Frankie Bones Call it Techno (Technopella)
Drums & “techno Bass” Vocal from Bonesbreaks Vol 3 – Miami Bass
11:57 Frankie Bones – Call it Techno (Technocolour Dub)
More Vocal from Frankie Bones RBMA
13.04 Looney Tunes Vol 1 – Another Time, Another Place
14:13 Only in the Dark – Make Noise (Noisy Dub Version)
2 In Rhythm – Happy Magic
Acid Edits from “another Time, Another Place”
15:14 Introduces Atmosphere Sample from Tricky Disco – Tricky Disco (Inner Space Mix)
16:15 Bonesbreaks Vol. 5 – Janets Revenge
Layered With Happy Magic Drums (Which Is the Sample Used in Janets Revenge)
17:15 Success N Effect – Roll it up (Bass Kicking Beats
Layered With “alert Alarm” Siren from Drumdrops Vol 1
19:05 Edit Flourish Between Bass Kickin Beats & Definitly a Robbery (Wavesound Renegade Mix)
19:15 Looney Tunes Vol. 2 Definitly a Robbery (Wavesound Renegade Mix)
(Layered With Amen Break from Bass Kickin Beats)
20:18 Arthur Baker & Robert Owens – Silly Games (Bonesbreaks Dub)
22:57 Colonel Abrahams – Trapped (Accapella)
Bleeps from Liquid Oxygen – Get on up & Dance (Liquid Mix)
Drums from Looney Tunes Vol. 1 – “They Stole Our Break (Boyee) Dub Mix
26:02 Liquid Oxygen – Get On Up & Dance (Frankie Bones Mix)
Bleeps from Mental Mayhem “Where Are They Hiding”
26:48 R.S.H – Outcry (Freestyle Mix)
With Continued Bleeps from Mental Mayhem “Where Are They Hiding”
27:20 Dave “Tech” Nice – Error (I Like It)
With Continued Drums from R.S.H – Outcry (Freestyle Mix)
29:56 Bonesbreaks Vol. 4 – Energy Breakdown
31:26 Samples of Reese – Rock to the Beat & Voodoo Doll – Women Beat Their Men
32:10 Tribal Rhythm – I Won’t Stop (Acieed) (Work It To the Bones Mix)
33:12 Liquid Oxygen – I See the Madness (The XTC Express Mix)
34:57 808 State – Pacific Break (Frankie Bones & Tommy Musto Mix)
35:57 Hashim – Al Naafysh (Musto & Bones Reconstruction)
36:27 ^^Adds Loop from “Hold Me, Squeeze Me” from Looney Tunes Vol. 2
37:58 Frankie Bones & Tommy Musto – Dangerous on the Dancefloor (dub Mix)
Mixed With Accapella from Blapps Possee “Don’t Hold Back”
40:58 Radical Rhythms – Put Your Body in Cruise Control (Chime Samples)
Outro – The Break Boys – My House Is Your House


Other notable megamixes that I have personally enjoyed throughout my life:

Big Apple Mix 2, The Dub Stops Here, AMD Beats, The Hitsquad 1984 Bits & PiecesStreetbeat Medley, Here Comes That Sound (Perfect Beat Mix)Sound Of The Street, Scratch Master’s Jam 5Mission ImpossibleRadio Soulwax Essential Mix,  Megablast (Hip Hop on Precinct 13)CutmanMantronix Megamix, Hard Beat Medley, Megamix II Why Is It Fresh?, House Party The Ultimate Megamix, Mission Thunderstorm, House 90, 5 Fingers Of Death,


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